Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award is presented to an individual who has provided valued service to TSA and who has been responsible for the continued growth and success of TSA. Both past and current contributions are considered. Current members of the TSA, Inc. Board of Directors cannot be nominated during their respective terms of office. The recipient is recognized at the national TSA conference.

Adults who meet these criteria:

1) Association or affiliation with TSA in some capacity for a minimum of three years

2) Active participation in TSA through attendance at TSA conferences, membership on TSA committees, judging of student events, etc.

3) Involvement with advancing TSA as evidenced by work in professional education groups, publications, research, etc.

4) High standards of achievement through such endeavors as the establishment of new TSA chapters; TSA program expansion or innovation; or oversight of student members who have achieved prominence and distinction

5) Recognition of fellow professionals as indicated by similar awards from local, district, state, or regional groups.

Only TSA state advisors, TSA corporate members, and members of the TSA, Inc. Board of Directors are eligible to nominate individuals for this award.