Starting a Chapter

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The Technology Student Association has been serving technology education students and instructors in Missouri since 1979 by successfully fulfilling their needs in technology education.

Starting a chapter is easy if you lay some groundwork.  First, learn about TSA and what it offers. Without proper preparation, you could be up against administrative opposition, or be unable to ignite the interest of your students.

What is TSA?  What can TSA do for you, your students and your school? If you know the answers to questions like these, then you’ll be able to dispel doubts your principal or students may have about starting a chapter.

This manual will help you understand more about the goals and structure of a TSA chapter, and will serve as a basic resource to help you get started.  Other resources are available on the national TSA website ( ) and the Missouri TSA website ). Be sure to look for, and to sign-up to participate in, the Missouri statewide chapter mentoring program on the Missouri TSA website at  – this program will enable you and your students to connect with experienced advisors and students that will help you and your students.  There are also links on the website so that you can contact other advisors with questions. Help is just a click away!