LEAP Resumes

Recently, TSA has added a leadership component, known as LEAP that requires a LEAP resume for each competitive event in which the students participate, either as a team or individual, whether the project is completed before the conference or is a performance event at the conference. LEAP resumes require students to reflect on their work and address particular ways in which they showed leadership or improved themselves.  Information about, and examples of, For information about LEAP go to https://tsaweb.org/LEAP-overview  and http://www.tsaweb.org/student-leadership-challenge  Templates and examples for LEAP resumes can be found at https://tsaweb.org/LEAP-competition-engagement

Also, be sure to look at LEAP information at https://motsaweb.org/competitions/leap/ on the state website.  

Be sure students read through the material and are fully prepared – not having a LEAP resume for each student or team for each event in which they participate will result in a severe penalty or disqualification.