Logo / Emblem

The TSA emblem is a rectangular shape with three parts.  The middle section and the largest part of the emblem contains the letters TSA in a very large, bold print.  The letters are white on a blue background. Below these letters and about one-third the size, is the name of the association–Technology Student Association–in white letters on a red background.  The top portion of the emblem is a blank red rectangular shape, the same size as the bottom area. This portion is intentionally left blank so that each state can put its own name on the emblem, if desired.

The emblem is symbolic of the association’s commitment to modern technology and its impact on the future.  The letters of the emblem mean the following:

“T” represents all facets of technology and its contribution to making America the great nation it is today

“S” represents the students of the organization and is a symbol of strength, structure, and the cooperative efforts necessary in achieving the association’s goals

“A” represents the association and its local, regional, state, and national activities


The TSA emblem is a registered trademark of the Technology Student Association, Inc.  All members and advisors are responsible for its proper use and display. Policies covering the use of the emblem and the TSA abbreviation are established exclusively by the national board of directors and protected by legal counsel.  The manufacturing of the emblem or abbreviation TSA, in any form, without written permission by National TSA (which acts on behalf of the board of directors) will be in violation of the protection granted TSA, Inc., by federal laws.

Exclusive rights, for manufacture and/or resale of the emblem and for use on all goods and with all service bearing any of the marks, are retained and protected to promote uniform identification of all TSA members and to avoid an and all possible misuse of identity.

No chapter or state association may use or give permission to use these marks unless the users are within the board of directors’ guidelines.  If any chapter or state association wishes to reproduce or use the emblem or the abbreviation TSA in any manner not specified within the permission rights already granted, the proper procedure is to seek written permission of the executive director of National TSA.