Fall Leadership Conference

“The 2021 Missouri Fall Leadership Challenge took place November 7th and 8th at the University of Missouri-Science & Technology in Rolla, Missouri. This year due to a 25% capacity at the conference venue there were 91 Missouri TSA Members from across 12 chapters in attendance. While at the conference members participated in breakout sessions, problem solving activities, and competitive events.


Members competing in the Chapter Team competitive event demonstrated the proper way to conduct meetings through parliamentary procedure and each leadership group had 3 specific parliamentary actions they had to accomplish. ”


“For the second day of the Fall Leadership Challenge, MOTSA’s members had the opportunity to compete in a variety of competitive events. Two events that really stood out to me in our group were Tech Bowl and Prepared Presentation. 


In Technology Bowl, contestants got to flex their knowledge in both STEM-related trivia and information about TSA itself, information that just so happened to coincide with their pursuits for their basic or advanced degrees. Competition was fierce, and teams duked it out in a tournament-style bracket, going head-to-head in teams of three.



In Prepared Presentation, students had the opportunity to give presentations about this year’s national theme: Discover your journey. Given the opportunity to get creative with their visual aids, we saw students collaborate and lead their groups in producing engaging and nuanced visuals meant to enhance their public speaking.



In the end, the goal of FLC was for our members to grow their leadership skills and hopefully take some lessons back to their chapters to lead on the local and state level; we sincerely hope these competitions helped our members become more knowledgeable, both about TSA and in their leadership.”