State Championships

Missouri TSA 2020 State Championships Update

Today we are celebrating our last events for this school.  We are very proud of our State Officers for the great job that they have done in recording and editing the videos that we see every week as we celebrate our Missouri TSA State Champions.  We want to especially thank Philipp Rojas-Zdjelar, Northwest Regional Vice-President – North Kansas City High School) who has week after week edited and created the graphics for our Virtual Awards Events.  On top of that, big thank you to Robert Stokes who has worked tirelessly to make sure that our judges had the information that they needed in order to grade all the students’ projects.  And finally, a huge thank you to all the seventy (70) judges from sixteen states, Australia and Panama for assisting us in judging 70 competitive events. 

Thank you to the schools, advisors, and student members who participated in our FIRST Virtual Competitive Events.  We hope you enjoyed your experience and we look forward next year to being back at Missouri S&T.