State Officer Team

Tiffany Pham, President

Hey Missouri TSA! I’m Tiffany Pham, your 2020-21 State President. I’m a junior attending Carl Junction High School. TSA has been a part of my life for around five years. Outside of TSA, I’m the section leader of my school’s bassline. I also enjoy playing for my school’s soccer team in the defensive line up. Scholar bowl, being the NSHS (National Spanish Honor Society) Vice President, and working at Sonic always keeps me busy. I can’t wait to get to know all of you; let’s make this year the best one yet!

Charles Moloney

Charles Moloney, Vice President

“Howdy! My name’s Charles Moloney, and I’m your 2020-21 Missouri TSA State Vice President. I always think it’s important to have a little fun, but rest assured that I take my work quite seriously. I’m a firm believer in standing for what you believe in and being shamelessly proud of who you are, which is why my ultimate goal for this organization is to give everyone in MOTSA a voice. I’m quite the involved student athlete, and in the rare times you see me outside of TSA, you may find me expanding my brain in Robotics and Scholar Bowl, talking your socks off in STUCO and Speech and Debate, or running circles around you in Cross Country and Track (to name a few). I try my best to be well-rounded and as down to earth as possible, so if you ever need something done or just someone to talk to, I’m your guy! Toodle-oo!”

Mackenzie Belohlavy

Mackenzie Belohlavy, Secretary

My name is Mackenzie Belohlavy, and I’m a sophomore at Adrian High School. This is my 5th year in TSA, three in middle school and two years in high school. I participate in Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), STUCO, and I video for my school’s volleyball team. I love to watch the Nebraska Huskers College volleyball team. I love to also watch the Chiefs and Royals. Reading and watching Netflix make up for a lot of my past times. Some good information about me to know is that I love to attend my local youth group. My goals for MOTSA? My goal is to help make this year the best year I can, with all of the difficult challenges presented to us this year. I want to get to know you guys well.

Aiden Hoover

Aiden Hoover, Treasurer

Hello, MOTSA! My name is Aiden Hoover and I am a senior at Willard High School. It is my honor to serve as your 2020-2021 State Treasurer! This will be my fourth year in the Technology Student Association, and my first year in state office.  In addition to TSA, I am a member of the Academic Team, the Leadership Team, and the National Honor Society. When I am not dealing with these activities or my academics, I like to spend my time playing video games, coding, reading outdoors, and just generally being a nuisance to everyone around me. As one of your state officers, I am working to ensure that this year will be great -- despite all of the craziness going on in the world. It will certainly be a year to remember!

Alex Schumacher

Alex Schumacher, Reporter

Hello Missouri TSA, my name is Alex Schumacher and it is an honor to server as your 2020-2021 State Reporter. I am a Junior a Oakville High School and I am part of my school’s band, FIRST robotics team, student council as an officer, NHS, and more. This will also be my third year within TSA. Beyond school and TSA, you’ll find me watching every blues game, talking on forums about shows, and you know what, I’ll still probably be doing TSA stuff because TSA is so much fun. This year in Missouri TSA, I look to getting the news to you and updating everyone through the numerous videos we will be making and the newsletter I will be putting out each month.

Lynh Nguyen

Lynh Nguyen, Sergeant-At-Arms

Hello! My name is Lynh Nguyen and I’m a junior at North Kansas City High School. I’m honored to be your 2020-2021 Sergeant at Arms. Outside of TSA, I am an active member of STUCO, NHS, swim, track, and WEC and outside of those outside activities I work as a lifeguard and I cook as a hobby. I am very sarcastic and I laugh at my own jokes even if they’re not funny to others, but most of the time I enjoy making other people laugh. I also dislike leaving people out, I always try my best to help people feel included. With quarantine, I’m sure a lot of us have felt a lot of loneliness build up overtime and, as one of your officers I plan on spreading awareness on mental health issues. Personally, mental health has affected me greatly, from friends to family, I hope that by bringing this new initiative in, we can make TSA even better than it was before!

Dakota Smith

Dakota Smith, Northeast Regional Vice President

Hello! My name is Dakota Smith and I am your 2020-2021 Missouri North East Regional Vice President! I am a senior at Troy Buchanan High School, and plan on going to the United States Air Force Academy to major in Astronautical Engineering. I have been part of this amazing organization since I was in 6th grade, so about 5 or 6 years! Not only am I part of TSA, but also play Tuba in band, run in Cross Country, build in Robotics, and run a D&D campaign in and out of school. I am also a waiter at Denny’s. Some of my favorite pastimes include: Listening to music, playing video games, drowning in homework, and reading! Sleeping can be fun too though. Whenever the night sky is clear of clouds, which can be rare, I will break out my telescope and try to identify parts of the universe. Ever since I was little, I have looked to the stars, and just get lost in them. Maybe that is why my parents call me a night owl. And like a star, my mind is always exploding with new ideas. I am hoping to let myself shine this year, and show all of you my interesting, and sometimes wacky, ideas I have for TSA. TSA is almost the living embodiment of what we all know and love, STEM. So, let’s get creative with how we use it. I’m not just saying think outside the box, sometimes you just have to break it down and create your dreams. My goal, is to not only increase MOTSA size, but also the river of creativity we have inside of it.

Vinh Nguyen

Vinh Nguyen, Northwest Regional Vice President

My name is Vinh Nguyen, and I am a junior. I go to North Kansas City Highschool, and I am your 2020-2021 Northwest Regional VP. I’ve been in TSA for 5 years, this year being my 6th.  Outside of TSA, I am on the robotics team, and the swim team. Sarcasm and irony are my talents. I’m very good at summing up information in as few words as possible. I like carnivorous plants. I like aquariums. I like making things. I like most of Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Star Wars. My goals as state officer? To make good changes to this organization, making it better than ever. To be cool officer.

Sam Kim

Sam Kim, Southwest Regional Vice President

Hello, Missouri TSA! It’s your favorite Southwest Vice-President Samuel Kim! I am very honored to be able to serve this position, and I will try my best to dedicate myself in making this year engaging, educational, and informed as possible as we all begin to march back into our precedented routine in such unprecedented times! I am very happy to be able to represent Missouri TSA and work for the members tirelessly to make sure this year is as much, if not more, fun than previous years. But enough about me, let’s talk more about me. I am currently a proud senior at Carl Junction High School and plan on moving along the medical track outside of high school. I am also a leading expert in a plethora of different subjects such as: food, water, sleep, shelter, and oxygen (if I am feeling adventurous). I am also deeply religious (the obvious cool guy in Youth Group) and have a slight fondness for turtles. In all seriousness, I am so excited for this new year and ask that every member prepare themselves emotionally and physically for the best year Missouri TSA has ever seen!

Emily Lowe

Emily Lowe, Southeast Regional Vice President

My name is Emily Lowe, your 2020-2021 Southeast Regional Vice President.  I’m a junior at Sullivan High School.  In my local chapter, I have been Treasurer and Vice President as well as someone who enjoys being involved in TSA.  In school, I am involved with FBLA, and I am ranked in top three for the junior class in GPA and academics.  Outside of school, I enjoy talking about conspiracy theories and history, and I love to be around my family and friends. Throughout this year, I hope to make a difference in Missouri TSA that will influence members positively as well as make them want to become more involved.  I am very excited for this year and can’t wait to continue the greatness this association is known for.