Local Chapter Advisors

Advisors are vital to the success of a local TSA Chapter. The Advisor needs to be aware of the responsibilities this entails, and become familiar with the local, state, and national structure of TSA. With a committed and enthusiastic advisor, students will grow as leaders and reap all the benefits that a TSA membership has to offer. 

The Advisor is a teacher, a mentor, and a resource who assists TSA members in relating Chapter activities to their local STEM education curriculum and to a future technology career. Remember, above all, that TSA students look to their Advisor as a reference for how they should act and participate in TSA activities. If the Advisor is uncooperative and indifferent, the students will be as well. Please set the standard for Missouri TSA members high by increasing your involvement and enthusiasm in the organization!

The attitude, interest, enthusiasm, and commitment exhibited by the local TSA Chapter Advisor will be crucial as he/she conveys the values of TSA in the educational program in middle school, secondary, postsecondary and collegiate STEM and technology education programs. The Advisor, individually and with TSA Chapter members, must establish and maintain contacts with a variety of individuals and groups in publicizing and securing resources and support. The Advisor’s tasks are many, particularly relating to serving as the motivating force, and may be grouped generally under the following categories:

  • Obtaining support from administration
  • Organizing the local TSA Chapter
  • Assuring that TSA concepts and activities are an integral part of the Engineering & Technology Education classroom
  • Serving as a resource/facilitator for TSA student members’ planning of Program of Work and implementation of activities
  • Effecting leadership development

Rules for TSA Advisors

  • Never forget that your role is ADVISOR. The best chapter advisors encourage and guide students to do the work of the chapter.
  • TSA is a “student-led” organization. Make sure students are leading your chapter!
  • If you find yourself working too hard, step back and look at what you are doing. Delegate tasks to TSA members. You will be surprised at what they can do when given a chance.
  • Point out the connections. It is your responsibility to help students connect their TSA learning with their future STEM or technology career.
  • Don’t get discouraged. When members do not do what is expected, remember it isn’t personal.
  • TSA is designed to be fun. Look around. Make sure all TSA members get involved.
  • Encourage – don’t pressure. Celebrate the good and use the bad to improve. But, most of all, sit back and watch TSA members achieve and succeed – the real reward for being a TSA chapter advisor.