Competitive Event Information

Missouri TSA State Championships are held at Missouri University of Science and Technology each spring, typically during a Sunday through Tuesday. During  During this meeting Missouri TSA students elect state officers for the coming year, show off their current year projects, and their skills by competing in over 100 team and individual events. See  for information and  for registration information.  There are also Regional TSA Conferences before the State Championships where students can compete.  See  for information about regional conferences, and refer to the calendar at often for reminders of dates and deadlines for conferences and registration.

Most advisors require students to prepare for more than one competitive event, and some will require that students participate in both team and individual events – that is up to you.  It is advisable to have students prepare for some combination of both prepared projects (students prepare and turn in something ahead of time, e.g. fashion design, dragsters) and projects that are completely or primarily done onsite (students prepare for the event but do not turn in a pre-made product other than a LEAP resume – e.g. extemporaneous speech, 3D CAD Engineering, problem solving) during the conference.

You will be able to download competitive event descriptions that include all specifications and judging criteria for each project from National TSA once your chapter is chartered and affiliated.

General event descriptions are available to anyone on the National TSA website.

High School Program Event Information

Middle School Program Event Information

NOTE: The project descriptions found at this location are NOT the official descriptions, and do not include details needed to successfully complete the projects.